AIG Travel Guard could be a lifesaving app


AIG is one of the largest providers of insurance products and services around the globe. Its subsidiary, Travel Guard, helps millions of individual travellers, students, expatriates, and corporate customers solve problems and manage risks worldwide.

In 2012, nearly 1,000 Australians lost their lives whilst travelling. Devastated by these numbers, AIG endeavoured to develop a potentially lifesaving tool. Recognising the increasing use of Smartphone’s in Australia, AIG listened to customer feedback and utilised Travel Guards extensive database to design a simple, user-friendly and free mobile travel app. The Travel Guard App leverages technology, knowledge and an international network to provide essential help, information and peace of mind for Australians travelling overseas.

In response to being honoured as an ABA100 Winner for Best Technology Product in The Australian Business Awards 2014, Head of Innovation Consumer Business, Anthony Morleysaid, “Our primary objective in developing the Travel Guard Mobile App was to provide a simple and convenient way to further assist our customers when they are travelling abroad. We feel we have successfully achieved this.”  

Features include contact details of over 6,000 doctors, hospitals, embassies, dentists and clinics around the globe; an inbuilt compass to identify the user’s location and provide directions regardless of signal coverage; up to date travel warnings; a one-button telephone connection to the emergency assistance centre; and useful information for daily medical situations. Harnessing energy efficient technology, the Travel Guard App won’t drain your mobile’s battery life – the last thing you need in an emergency.